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  • Dentures

    Restorative dentistry refers to a group of procedures including implants, inlays, onlays, and dentures. These oral devices are called restorations, because they restore the function and appearance of the mouth. In some ways, restorative dentistry overlaps with cosmetic dentistry as the restorations improve appearance as well as treating a condition.

    Today, with the development of dental implants and improvements in oral hygiene, dentures are used less often. Full dentures are both upper and lower for patients with no natural teeth left. They not only provide practical use, they also help to shape the face. Partial dentures are bridges.

    Full, or complete dentures, cover the entire jaw, resting on the gums. The process of creating and fitting custom dentures takes several visits to the office. The first step is taking impressions of the mouth. Later, the dentist and patient will collaborate in choosing the size, shape, and color of the teeth. Once the denture is fabricated, it will have to be fitted to prevent irritation and provide effective chewing and speaking. Follow-up is required to ensure that the dentures fit properly. Dentures can be fabricated to use with implants for a more secure fit.


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