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    In order to connect you to the correct office, please contact us at (215) 558-7997 Monday thru Friday during regular business hours. When prompted, please pick the correct option to connect to your local office.

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    We try to accommodate all Emergencies and Walk-Ins.
    We are open Monday – Saturday from 9.30 AM to 6.30PM.
    You can also reach our scheduling department on (215)558-7997

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    I Understand that my first Appointment with NorthEastern Dentistry will include an exam, X-rays and a consultation. Following my exam the dentist will explain recomendations for my care and give me the opportunity to discuss treatment options and ask questions. I can then schedule additional appointments with office manager as appropriate.
    Call NorthEastern Dentistry (215) 558-7997 Emergencies and Walk-Ins Welcome.