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  • Dental Exams and Cleaning

    The best way to avoid tooth decay and gum disease is to maintain good oral hygiene. Taking proper care of your teeth at home and scheduling regular visits with your dentist are the keys to a healthy mouth. Cleaning your teeth appropriately on a daily basis at home to avoid plaque buildup is only one part of the plan. Seeing your dentist every six month for cleaning, exams, x-rays, and other screenings and treatments will ensure a lifelong healthy smile.

    At NorthEastern Dentistry, our highly trained Registered Dental Hygienists will clean your teeth as part of regular preventive care against decay and gum disease. The removal of tartar (calcified deposits on the teeth) and plaque (a sticky film that accumulates on tooth surfaces that contains bacteria and causes cavities) is necessary to help prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontal disease.

    Gingivitis and infections that spread to the tissue and bone that support the teeth (periodontal disease) can result in more than the necessity for extensive dental procedures. Recent research indicates that periodontal disease can also contribute to the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Your overall health is linked to good dental care.

    After scaling away any tartar and plaque with a manual instrument or ultrasonic device, the hygienist will polish your teeth to remove any stains and leave your mouth feeling and looking clean.
    The dentist will perform your regular dental exam, including a visual check of each tooth surface, looking for any cavities, signs of gum disease, and general condition of the mouth. He may suggest further examinations or treatments at this time.

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