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  • Digital X-Rays

    The best way to avoid tooth decay and gum disease is to maintain good oral hygiene. Taking proper care of your teeth at home and scheduling regular visits with your dentist are the keys to a healthy mouth. Cleaning your teeth appropriately on a daily basis at home to avoid plaque buildup is only one part of the plan. Seeing your dentist every six month for cleaning, exams, x-rays, and other screenings and treatments will ensure a lifelong healthy smile.

    Our NorthEastern Dentistry offices use digital dental x-ray systems, rather than the traditional radiographic x-rays. X-rays are needed because they can reveal components of the mouth and jaw that cannot be seen with simple visualization. Digital x-rays reduce the patient exposure to radiation by as much as 80 percent as compared to traditional x-rays.

    • X-rays reveal cavities between teeth that may not be visible during examination.
    • X-rays also show decay that is occurring underneath existing fillings.
    • Tiny fractures in existing fillings and teeth may be discovered via x-ray.
    • Visualization of the bone health in the jaw may help with early detection of bone loss due to periodontal disease.
    • Digital x-rays are also used for preparing a patient for implants, dentures, or other restorative treatments.
    • In children, x-rays are used to monitor tooth development and determine any abnormalities that may require early intervention.


    With digital x-rays, no film development is necessary. The images are instantly available on the computer so that the dentist and patient can view the images and the dentist can point out any irregularities that need treatment. Digital x-ray images are easily compared to earlier images to monitor any changes within the mouth.

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